(He tried to kill her)

What do you do, when you’re trying to figure out what happened to you?

(She begged you not to tell)

Was it really abuse?

(He never hit very hard)

A slap doesn’t kill

(You always yelled back)

He wasn’t the only one fighting

(You didn’t want him to be there)

Everything was



(He hated the rejection)

You did this to yourself

What if

Your once-beloved parent

Stabbed you with a knife

And left it in there


Left you with pain

That is constant

You’d get used to it

It doesn’t fade away, like a numbness

It’s more like background noise

Keeping you from concentrating

Keeping you from relaxing

Keeping you from experiencing the pleasure

Of friends



Of yourself

What if your once-beloved parent did this to you?

Would you ask why?

Would you ask if you deserved it?

Would you still dream

Of him

Supporting you

Of her

Protecting you?

Would you still dream?